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Digital tire pressure gauge with dual technology pyrometer

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HPM4 X precision digital tire pressure gauge with Infrared sensor ( PYR2-IR X ) and K-type needle thermocouple ( PYR2 X ) to have a complete and unique instrument in the industry for tire Pressureand Temperature measurement.

  • HiPreMa 4X digital tire pressure gauge – 5 BAR / 72 PSI
  • Infrared Pyrometer for Temperature Compound – Air – Asphalt
  • Pyrometer with Needle Type Thermocouple Probe K

Shipping : 24 Hours
Product Code : HPM4X + DUAL-PYR


This new version combines the HPM4 X Digital Tire Pressure Gauge with the Infrared Sensor (PYR2-IR X) and the Needle Type K Thermocouple (PYR2 X) to have a complete and unique instrument in the industry for measuring Tire Pressure and Temperature.

The reading speed of the infrared sensor (Response Time of 0.5 Seconds) and the accuracy of the compound temperature measurement with the Needle-Type Thermocouple allow you to quickly choose which type of measurement you want to make on the tire. Developed for tire specialists who want to perfectly understand the pressure and temperature behavior of tires to optimize their use and performance. The tool made for tire specialists You have at your disposal a complete and unique tool for measuring tire pressure and temperature

Dual Technology for Tire Temperature

You can choose to measure Air, Asphalt and Tire Temperature with the Needle probe or with the Infrared sensor. The instrument memory has a capacity of 50 sessions - Pressures + Temperatures..

Digital tire pressure gauge with dual pyrometer designed for tire specialists, what are the benefits?

It is useful to have an instrument to measure tire Pressure and Temperature without any limitation of technology. Both Technologies with Type K Thermocouple Probe and Infrared Sensor can have limitations in some circumstances. And that is why we have made for racing tire specialists an instrument with dual technology. Infrared Sensor Quickly measure Tread Temperature in less than 0.5 Sec. Also by taking advantage of the 35° FOV you can read the average tread temperature.

Misura temperatura gomme con Pirometro

Needle Thermocouple Probe

You can measure the temperature of the compound at very specific points (e.g. INNER - INTERMEDIATE - OUTSIDE). For example if you have GRAINING or BLISTERING problems you can check exactly at specific points in the compound its temperature.

What parameters can you store for each session?

  • Date and time of the session
  • Air temperature
  • Keep track of temperature
  • COLD and HOT tire pressure
  • Difference in pressures from WARM to COLD configuration
  • 12 tire temperature points
  • 50 complete sessions saved in the instrument's internal memory
  • Time and date of the session
  • Vehicle number for each session

Tire pressure gauge mode

manometro pressione gomme

In the MANOMETER mode you store the COLD and WARM tire pressures and their difference In addition, for each session the Date and Time, the Temperature of the 'environment and the number of the current session are stored.

Temperature pyrometer mode

pirometro temperatura pneumatici

Pressing MODE switches to Pyrometer mode to measure tire Temperature - 12 Points - Asphalt Temperature - Air Temperature. For example, you can memorize the temperature at the INSIDE - BOTTOM - OUTSIDE of the tread and understand how the tire carcass is working.

New features with HPM 4X update

  • Accuracy of pressure measurement: +/- 0.0005 BAR - +/- 0.007 PSI
  • Temperature accuracy: +/- 0.25°C
  • Temperature resolution: 0.1°C
  • 50 complete sessions saved in the instrument's internal memory
  • Vehicle number saved for each session

Technical characteristics

  • Automatically backlit display with light sensor
  • Removable belt clip
  • IP55
  • Lithium Battery

  • Temperature Accuracy +/- 2°C
  • Measurement resolution : +/- 0.1°C
  • Maximum temperature 200°C
  • Response time +/- 2 sec.

Available languages

  • Italian
  • English
  • French


Direction of rotation pressures according to the circuit

  • Timetable
  • Counterclockwise
  • AUTO or MOTO
  • You can set whether to start the storage procedure from the rear or front wheels

rotazione anti antioraria per salvataggio pressioni pneumatici

rotazione antioraria salvataggio pressioni pneumatici










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