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Digital tire pyrometer with needle probe.

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Pyrometer with needle probe diameter 1 mm.

  • 12 Temperature points for each session
  • AIR and ASPHALT Temperature.
  • TIME and DATE
  • 30 Complete Sessions storable in the instrument

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pirometro temperatura pneumatici

Designed for motorsport uses With Prisma Electronics' digital tire pyrometer with k-type needle probe, it is possible to evaluate the dynamic setup of a vehicle by measuring temperatures at different points on the tire:

  • external
  • intermediate
  • internal

For each test, you can save: 12 points of tire temperature, air temperature, track temperature, date, and time.

Thanks to the K-type needle probe's diameter of 1 mm, it is possible to penetrate inside the compound and have the exact tire temperature

  • C° and F° Temperature units
  • Measure resolution: 1°C / 1.8°F
  • Temperature error : +/- 1°C
  • Temperature range of the instrument : 0°C - 1000°C
  • 12 points of tire temperatures for each set
  • AIR and TRACK temperatures
  • DATE and TIME
  • Memory stores 30 complete sets of data


Why should you use it?

Prisma Electronics has developed a digital tire pyrometer that measures and records tire temperatures at three key points on the tire: external, intermediate, and internal. Additionally, it can save temperatures of both the asphalt and air, providing all necessary parameters for immediate display. The unique feature of our digital tire pyrometer with k-type needle probe is its ability to save 30 complete sets, each consisting of 12 tire temperature points, air and track temperature, date, and time.

It is useful when you want to understand the effect of camber and caster on car tires, as well as the temperatures at different lean angles on bikes.
Prisma Electronics digital tire pyrometer with k-type thermocouple needle probe is equipped with an ABS case to protect it.

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