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Multi rider Stopwatch with split times

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Prisma Electronics multipilot stopwatch allows timing up to 4 pilots, with the possibility of recording up to 99 lap times and 9 split times per lap for each pilot. You can save a total of seven complete sessions, with a total of 840 laps and 7560 split times. For each session, you can recall the date and time of the session, the air temperature, the top 3 laps for each driver, and up to 30 laps for each driver along with their split times and lap statistics.

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Prisma Electronics professional multi-rider stopwatch allows users to time up to four riders simultaneously. It has the capability to store up to 99 lap times and 9 split times for each lap.

The stopwatch also displays the difference between each rider's lap time and their best lap time. When timing three riders, the best lap of the first and second riders is displayed on the screen.

The stopwatch features a backlit display with an ambient light sensor for adjustable intensity and a menu that supports Italian, English, and French languages.

Prisma Electronics multi-driver stopwatch shows for each rider:

LAP time info
  • 1 - L07 --> Current Lap 07
  • 00:35.86 --> Currently Lap time
  • +0.28 --> Difference between Best Lap and current Lap time
SPLIT time info
  • S1 -> Split number of the Driver 1
  • 0:18.35 -> Split time of the Driver
  • -0.37 -> Difference between Best Split Time S1 of the Driver 1

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If you time 3 riders (L1, L2, L3), the instrument displays the best lap for Rider 1 and Rider 2:

  • 1 - Best lap driver 1--> 0:48.85
  • 2 - Best lap --> 0:51.75

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Absolute Split Times mode


Incremental Split Times mode

Technical features

  • DATE and TIME
  • AIR temperature - °C or °F
  • Languages Menu ITA - ENG - FRA
  • Backlit display with ambient light sensor intensity
  • Removable belt clip
  • IP55

For each session you can recall :

  • DATE and TIME
  • AIR temperature
  • The 3 best LAPS for each driver
  • The 30 Laps for each driver and the LAPS statistics
  • The Split Times for each LAP


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