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Electronic goniometer for engine timing

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Digital Degree Wheel 4

Digital goniometer for measuring the diagram of 2-stroke engines and valve timing in 4-stroke engines.

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The Digital Goniometer for Measuring Engine Diagram and Valve Timing is an indispensable tool for accurately knowing all the characteristic angles of a two-stroke engine, such as intake, exhaust, transvase openings and closings, and degrees of valve opening and closing in four-stroke engines.




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The Digital Degree Wheel 4 reads 100 times per second the absolute position of the crankshaft in order to not miss also a hundredth of a degree of measurement. It is possible thanks to the mechanical and electronic features of the encoder and of the display unit which are completely designed by Prisma Electronics

Typical Applications

  • Measurement of the ignition timing of the 2-stroke engines
  • Tuning up of the camshaft in the 4-stroke engines
  • Gearbox setup

Camshaft mode

In this mode the Digital Degree Wheel split the 360° in the | 0-90°| 90°-0°| 0-90° | 90-0° | typical for the camshaft tuning up.

Gear ratios mode

In this mode you can measure the gear ratios of the engine.

  • Accuracy : +/- 0,1°
  • Camshaft mode : 0°-90° | 90°-0° | 0°-90° | 90°-0°
  • Gear ratios mode
  • Backlight display
  • Aluminum billet encoder
  • Brass adapters for crankshaft
  • 9V Battery powered


Kit includes :

  • 03 crankshaft adapters 10x1 mm, 12x1mm, 12x1,25mm;
  • USB power supply
  • USB adapter cable
  • Instrument case
  • Support for fixing to the engine


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