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Digital tire pressure gauge with needle probe Pyrometer

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Digital tire Pressure gauge with needle probe Tire pyrometer, useful when you want to understand the tire footprint in order to optimize CAMBER and CASTER on car vehicles and the temperatures at different bike lean angles.

  • Digital Tire Pressure gauge HiPreMa 4X.
  • Type K thermocouple probe for High-precision compound temperature measurement.

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Managing racing tires is a complex task that requires a deep understanding of the ideal tire temperature and pressure. Good race teams understand that small changes in these parameters can have a significant impact on the balance and performance of their car or bike. Racing tires have a narrow operating range, and operating outside of this range can lead to decreased performance and increased tire wear. To effectively manage your tires, you need accurate measurement tools such as a tire pressure gauge and pyrometer. Our digital tire pressure gauge with pyrometer and needle probe allows you to easily measure and save all of your tire parameters in one device.

Measure tire pressure with the Prisma Electronics High accuracy digital tire gauge.

K-type thermocouple needle probe for tire temperature

Thanks to the high accuracy of this K-type thermocouple needle probe included with this Prisma Electronics digital tire pressure gauge, you can measure and save the tire compound temperature at three different levels: EXTERNAL - MIDDLE - INTERNAL.

Useful when you want to understand the effect of the CAMBER and CASTER of cars and also temperatures at different lean angles of motorcycles. You can evaluate the dynamic set-up of the vehicle by evaluating the temperatures at all the different points of the tires.

Tire Temperature tread measurement with Prisma Electronics digital tire pressure gauge with needle probe pyrometer.

Using a low Thermal mass needle probe it is possible to measure tire temperature tread with high accuracy.


You can switch from Digital Pressure Gauge to Pyrometer mode by simply pressing the MODE button

Digital Tire Pressure gauge Mode

The display shows for each session the COLD and HOT pressures and their variation, the session time reference, and the AIR temperature.

manometro pressione gomme

  • Accuracy Class : 0.1
  • Maximum error at full scale : 0.1%
  • Pressure Range : 5 BAR / 72 PSI
  • Measurement resolution : 0.01 bar - 0.1 psi
  • Pressure measurement units :BAR and PSI
  • Clockwise and counterclockwise rotation for pressure measurement according to the direction of rotation of the circuit
  • Ability to choose the sequence of tires to be stored
  • 8 Pressure values for each session
  • Difference between Cold and Hot pressures
  • 50 Sessions storable in the instrument's internal memory
  • Automatic calibration of the instrument each time it is turned on
  • Auto Power OFF
  • Battery charge status indication
  • Battery life : 3 Years

manometro pressione gomme Hiprema 4

Digital tire Pyrometer Mode

Pressing the MODE button immediately switches the instrument to the PIROMETER mode. You can measure and store 12 Tire Temperature Points, ambient AIR Temperature , Track Temperature Point for each session.

After measuring and storing the pressure and temperature values, the instrument immediately displays the report of the session.

Temperatura ripresa sul display

  • 12 Tire Temperature Points saved for each session
  • AIR  ambient Temperature
  • Track Temperature
  • Measurement resolution : 0.1°C / 0.1°F
  • Temperature Error : +/- 0.2°C
  • Instrument temperature range : 0°C - 1000.0°C
  • 50 Sessions stored in internal memory



A Pit stop with Lamborghini Hypercar.

Technical features

  • Time and date
  • Outdoor air temperature - in °C or °F
  • Menu languages - ITA - ENG - FRA
  • Automatically backlit display with light sensor
  • Belt clip
  • IP55

Stored data for each session

For each session ( up to 50 Session ), the following data is stored:

  • Time and Date of the session
  • Outdoor Air temperature and Track Temperature
  • 12 Points of Tire temperature.
  • COLD and HOT tire pressure and relative difference.
  • Vehicle number.

Pressure Accuracy CLASS: 0.1%

  • Maximum error at 5 BAR: +/- 0.005 BAR -- (0.072 PSI)
  • Maximum error at 1 BAR: +/- 0.001 BAR -- (0.014 PSI)


  • The HPM4X digital gauge does not require calibration. The internal microprocessor calibrates the tool every time it is turned on to ensure correct readings at 100%.

Pressure and Temperature

  • Pressure measurement units in BAR and PSI
  • Temperature measurement units in CELSIUS and FAHRENHEIT

Set the direction of saving data depending on the track and vehicle.

  • Clockwise
  • Counterclockwise
  • You can set whether to start from the front or rear wheels

rotazione antioraria salvataggio pressioni pneumatici rotazione anti antioraria per salvataggio pressioni pneumatici

Pressure Shot® Function

By activating the PRESSURE SHOT function through the menu, the instrument stores the HOT tire pressures without having to press any buttons. This feature allows you to save the pressures immediately, preventing the tires from cooling and obtaining unrealistic values.

Menù Languages

  • Italiano
  • English
  • Français

Download the User guide

Hiprema 4 reference

Protect your instrument with Accessories

Silicon Shell for your tire gauge - HPM4X – COVER

Case for your tire gauge - VAL



Digital tire pressure gauge Prisma Electronics used in the World Superbike Championship.

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