Digital tire pressure gauge with Pyrometer and Stopwatch

Digital tire pressure gauge with Pyrometer and Stopwatch
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Tire pressure gauge mode
Pressure gauge MODE
Modalità Pirometro
Tire pyrometer MODE
Tire pressures saved in the PRESSURE gauge MODE
Measure and save COLD and HOT tire pressures in the PRESSURE mode
Tire temperatures saved in PYROMETER mode
Measure and save AIR and TRACK temperatures and 12 points of tire temperature ( ex. EXTERNAL - INTERMEDIATE - INTERNAL ) for each sets

Do you want to switch between PRESSURE GAUGE and TIRE PYROMETER or vice versa ?
Simply pressing MODE button - Very quickly !!
Switch from PRESSURE gauge to TIRE pyrometer by pressing MODE button

In the infrared sensor version, there is a viewfinder that indicate the exact point that you are measuring
Tire infrared sensor on the back of the instrument for measuring tire temperatures

After measuring and saving pressures and temperatures, Do you need a Stopwatch ?
Press and hold MODE button for 2 seconds and your instrument is a STOPWATCH !!

Stopwatch MODE  

You can timing simultaneosly 4 drivers with 9 Split times for each drivers and Lap statistics
Timings 4 drivers simultaneosly

All Data saved in your instrument
25 Stopwatch sets + 25 Tire pressures and Temperatures sets
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