Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

HiPreMa 4X is a High Precision Digital Tire Pressure Gauge designed specifically for motorsport. It features high accuracy and self-calibration. At each power-on the internal microprocessor evaluates the accuracy of the pressure sensor in order to always provide a precise measurement. The latest model, the HPM 4X, is the fourth version and has been updated with a number of new features that are particularly useful during race weekends.

Prisma Electronics' digital gauge used by a Yamaha GRT team technician in the World Superbike Championship.

One of the most important features of HiPreMa 4X is the ability to display and store COLD and HOT tire pressure and the difference between them. Thanks to its large display, all the stored values ​​are clearly visible and it is immediate to understand the dynamic balance of the vehicle. Furthermore, the instrument also records the Ambient Temperature, Date and Time of each session. It can store up to 50 Sessions within the instrument.

HiPreMa 4X precision digital pressure gauge used in the WEC world championship by the Iron Lynx team.

HiPreMa 4X is an essential instrument for all motorsport enthusiasts and professionals. Its precision, accuracy and range of functions make it the perfect choice for those who want to perfectly analyze the behavior of tires in order to best optimize their performance. Whether you are a professional or an enthusiast, HiPreMa 4X will help you improve your performance .

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