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1/03/2016Motorsport products support

digital degree wheel 4

Digital Degree Wheel 4 Tips and tricks

Basic use of the instrument

The instrument is powered by the internal 9V battery (not rechargeable) or by the power supply supplied. Through the USB cable it is also possible to use a USB battery Pack to power the DDW4.

Switching on the instrument: press the ON button

Switching off the instrument: it switches off automatically after 8 minutes of inactivity if powered by the internal battery, or after 15 minutes if powered by the power supply supplied. To conserve energy, the meter can be turned off by pressing and holding the ON button for 3 seconds.

Reset of the measurement: press the RESET button to reset the measurement or use the pedal supplied as an accessory.

Cam shaft timing mode: the camshaft timing mode (or 4-stroke engine mode) is used to measure the opening and closing of the valves in 4-stroke engines. By pressing the RESET button for 5 seconds, the <–> symbol will appear on the display indicating that the mode is active. In this mode, the round angle measurement will be divided into 0 ° -90 ° -0 ° -90 ° -0 °.

Using the RESET button, it is possible to switch from NORMAL mode to CAM SHAFT mode by pressing it for 5 seconds.

Mounting the tool on the engine: the easiest and fastest way to mount the tool on the engine, for example on a kart engine, is shown in the picture.

montaggio del goniometro digitale DDW4

In this way, even when the motor is moved, the goniometer remains aligned with the motor and the measurement is always accurate.

Digital Degree wheel 4 for timing port engine

Kit includes:

  • 03 adapters for motor with motor shaft 10x1mm, 12x1mm, 12×1.25mm;
  • power supply
  • USB adapter cable
  • Tool case
  • Support for fixing to the engine
The kit included in the Digital Degree Wheel 4


The foot reset switch it allows to reset the measure keeping your hands on the crankshaft and then have a more accurate measurement.

foot reset switch

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