The importance of our technical partners in Motorsport


Why is it important to be alongside the main Motorsport Teams with our electronic instruments?

Being a technical sponsor means not only supporting a team, but above all being able to work with the best people and with the best professionals in the industry. This is the only way to grow and keep up with the technical evolution in the world of motorsport.

Being alongside great teams in different categories, from Kart to Gran Turismo, from Superbike to motogp allows us to test our instruments in extreme conditions.

Just think of Formula 1; the air temperature inside the tires can reach very high temperatures when the vehicle stops at the pits due to the heat dissipation caused by carbon brake discs that radiates through the rims. The internal pressure sensor of the digital pressure gauge shall be tested for temperatures above 120 ºC.

In the Moto Gp due to the 340mm carbon discs we have created customized solutions for the Teams so that we can insert the head in the rim valve with ease. Each category and each Team has its needs and technical problems to solve; be at their side allows us to understand the technical problems that there are in the race fields and urges us to optimize more and more our tools to make the work of technicians as simple and fast as possible.

In the photos the Aprilia Racing Team in the motogp championship with the HPM4 precision digital pressure gauge. In Moto Gp there are several technical measures that must be faced during the race weekend

The accuracy and reliability of the instrumentation

Precision is the fundamental parameter together with the reliability of the instrumentation for the measurement of pneumatic pressure and temperature in the motorsport sector. In motogp and in the Superbike the tyre manufacturers have recently imposed minimum pressure values beyond which you can not go down to not stress too much the tire carcasses and thus create problems with the explosion of the same. For the Teams it is essential to have an extremely precise measuring instrument and therefore be able to use pressures very close to the limits imposed by tyre manufacturers without incurring penalties.

Our digital pressure gauges have an accuracy of 0.1% over the entire measuring range. This allows for almost zero error in measurement. In addition, at each ignition of the instrument, the internal algorithm checks the accuracy of the pressure sensor and performs a very accurate offset of the measurement.

hiprema 4
Measurement of pressure in motorcycles with the digital pressure gauge of Prisma Electronics in the Italian Championship Moto 3 – Rider : Matteo Patacca


Attention to detail with features designed to be efficient in every race condition

The backlight of the display

In some race conditions, such as 24H, you may have to memorize the pressures and temperature of the tires in low light conditions ( for example in night sting ). Thanks to the backlit display, the display of measurements is always very clear. They may not seem essential characteristics, but they are particular situations that often occur during race weekends and each feature can help the Team and the mechanic to perform in the best possible way his work.

Automatic storage of hot pressure via the PRESSURE-SHOT function

By activating the PRESSURE-SHOT function via the menu, the instrument stores the HOT tyre pressure without pressing any button. This feature makes it possible to speed up this operation considerably in order to have even more accurate values as the temperature and pressure tend to drop rapidly once the vehicle has returned to the pits.

Difference in COLD and HOT pressure

The difference between the COLD pressure and the HOT pressure is displayed for each tyre on the instrument display, so that you immediately have an indication of the performance of each tyre. This function can be activated or deactivated at will via the tool menu.

Visualization of the difference between the cold and hot pressures you have at the end of a session on the track. This value is important to understand the dynamic balance of the vehicle and the load on each individual tyre.

For us, being at the side of the major motorsport teams becomes a perfect test bench, where every technical feature is optimized and thoroughly tested in the most varied and complex conditions.

Prisma Electronics with its precision instruments becomes the ally for your Victory!!!

There are the main tools used by the Teams:

Squadra corse Aprilia

Moto Gp World Championship

  • Tire pressure gauge with aluminum extension – HPM4
  • Tire Pressure Gauge with Pyrometer – HPM4 + PYR2
  • Digital Chronometer 4 Racers – STW


Squadra corse Barni

World Superbike Championship

  • Tire Pressure Gauge – HPM4
  • Tire Pressure Gauge with Pyrometer – HPM4 + PYR2
  • Digital pressure gauge with infrared sensor for temperature – HPM4 + PYR2-IR


Squadra corse Gresini

Moto3 World Championship – Moto2 – MotoE

  • Tire pressure gauge with aluminum extension – HPM4


Racing team GRT Yamaha

World Superbike Championship

  • Tire Pressure Gauge – HPM4
  • Digital Tire Pressure Gauge with Pyrometer – HPM4 + PYR2


Riccardo Ponzio

European Championship Boss GP

  • Digital tire pressure gauge with Infrared Pyrometer and Chronometer 4 drivers – HPM4 + PYR2-IR + STW


Motor of speed Scuderia

Coppa Italia Gran Turismo

  • HPM4 Precision Digital Manometer with Needle Probe – HPM4 + PYR2


Birel Art

Official Karting Team

  • Tire pressure gauge with digital stopwatch – HPM4 + STW

Altogether, there are 7 models in the HiPreMa 4 line – You are sure to find the solution that best suits the way you work on the track.

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