Digital tire pressure gauges and pyrometers

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The most complete range of tire pressure and temperature measuring instruments for motorsports.

HiPreMa 4 is the line of precision electronic instruments designed to measure tire pressure and temperature in motorsports.

Tire pressure and temperature are the key parameters for optimizing tire performance and obtaining maximum grip during use.

From this premise came the idea of creating a series of precision electronic instruments that could be customized to suit the way of working on the track.

The instruments most commonly used on race weekends by technicians, track engineers and tire specialists are the digital pressure gauge to measure pressure and the digital pyrometer to measure the temperature of the compound at the main points of the tread. The latter can be of the infrared type for non-contact measurement or of the needle probe type for contact temperature measurement.

The HiPreMa 4 range of instruments starts with the STW multipilot digital stopwatch and goes up to the multifunction instruments that combine digital pressure gauge – tire temperature pyrometer – stopwatch in a single product.

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Line of precision digital tire pressure and pyrometer gauges and pyrometers

We present the instruments of the HPM4 line, highlighting their main features.

STW multipilot digital chronometer

This instrument allows timing up to four pilots simultaneously. Up to 99 lap times and 9 split times can be stored for each lap. For each lap, the stopwatch shows the difference of the current lap with the BEST LAP for each driver and also shows the difference in each split time.

Thanks to the large 128×128 pixel backlit display, information is clearly visible in all conditions. It is a stopwatch designed for all motorsport categories.

When memories are recalled, they are displayed for each session:

  • Date and time of the session to have a time reference.
  • Ambient temperature.
  • Session number.
  • 3 Best laps for each driver and their split times.
Multipilot STW stopwatch of the HPM4 instrument line for racing.

STW Multipilot Stopwatch

Indication of the lap times of each driver and their split times displayed on the stopwatch screen.

Display of the lap times for each rider and their split times shown on the stopwatch display.

Precision digital tire pressure gauges

Two models of digital tire pressure gauges are available. The HPM4 basic pressure gauge and the HPM4 + STW time gauge.

The digital tire pressure gauge HiPreMa was the first instrument on the motorsports market to have the function of storing COLD and HOT tire pressures. Several versions have been developed and the HPM4 is the fourth one to which many useful functions have been added for use during race weekends. In addition to storing the COLD and HOT tire pressures, the difference between them, the ambient temperature and the date and time of the session are also displayed for each session, so that all possible references are stored in the instrument and can be consulted and noted at the end of the daily sessions, for example.

Tire Pressure Gauge HPM4 is used in all motorsport categories and by the main teams all over the world.

Tire Pressure Gauge HiPreMa 4

Il manometro per pneumatici HPM4 + STW in versione cronometro è una vera novità nel mondo del motorsport. We have added all the functions of the STW digital stopwatch to the HPM4 digital pressure gauge.

In molte categorie motoristiche, il tecnico responsabile della pressione degli pneumatici è anche lo stesso che è presente sul muretto dei box per seguire il pilota durante la sessione. Invece di avere due strumenti, il manometro digitale per le pressioni prima e dopo la sessione e il cronometro digitale per i tempi durante la sessione, abbiamo progettato questa versione che combina tutte le funzioni e le caratteristiche tecniche di entrambi gli strumenti in uno solo.

Gli utenti apprezzano immediatamente la facilità d’uso e la versatilità di avere un unico strumento per gestire la pressione e il cronometro.

È adatto a quelle categorie in cui il tecnico deve occuparsi della pressione degli pneumatici e deve anche monitorare i tempi del proprio pilota e dei concorrenti. Know as :

  • SuperMotard
  • Karting
  • MotoCross
  • Flat Track
  • Minimoto
  • Mini Gp
Manometro per pneumatici con cronometro digitale multidriver nello stesso strumento.

Timer mode

Multifunction digital pressure gauge with timer to measure tire pressure.

Tire pressure mode

Digital pyrometers for tread temperature measurement

In addition to pressure, the key parameter for understanding and optimizing tire performance is tire operating temperature. To optimize mechanical grip and keep tire deterioration under control, it is essential to keep the tread at the right temperature. The HiPreMa 4 instrument line consists of different models of digital pyrometers, both for non-contact tread temperature measurement (version with infrared sensor) and with needle probe for composite contact temperature measurement.

The basic versions of the pyrometers are :

  1. Pyrometer with infrared sensor – PYR2-IR
  2. Pyrometer with needle probe thermocouple type K – PYR2

In addition to the basic versions of the pyrometer, multifunction instruments are available that also combine the HPM4 precision digital pressure gauge to offer a complete solution for measuring tire temperature and pressure.

Measuring both tire pressure and temperature allows understanding and optimizing the tread pattern.

By measuring the tread temperature at the 3 characteristic points of the compound (Outer – Middle – Inner), it is easy to understand the impression made on the asphalt. In particular, the difference between OUTSIDE and INSIDE allows to know if the camber and caster values are correct (on all 4 wheels).

On the two-wheeled vehicle it is possible to measure the tread temperature on each side of the tire for different lean angles.

For each session, 12 points of tire temperature, asphalt temperature, air temperature, cold and hot pressures and their differences can be stored.

Multifunction digital pressure gauge with timer to measure tire pressure.

Digital tire pressure gauge with infrared pyrometer

Digital tire pressure gauge with thermocouple to measure tread temperature

Digital tire pressure gauge with thermocouple type K

We have developed a version of the Multifunction Instrument that combines the Digital Tire Pressure Gauge with the two versions of the Tread Temperature Pyrometer, i.e. with Needle Probe and with Infrared Sensor. It is a first in motor racing and was immediately used by the major racing teams.

You may choose to measure the temperature of the compound using the reading speed of the infrared sensor (approx. 0.5 sec.) or if you want to measure at a well-defined point on the tire, such as if you have obvious problems with blistering o granulated, use the needle probe.

Multifunctional instrument combining a digital tire pressure gauge with an infrared sensor and a needle probe for measuring tread temperature.

Digital tire pressure gauge with double pyrometer


Multifunction pressure gauge with infrared tire temperature sensor and multi-pilot timer

The most complete version of the HPM4 instrument line is the Digital Pressure Gauge with Infrared Pyrometer and 4-Pilot Digital Stopwatch.

It represents the most complete tool in motor racing. The on-track technician can have everything he needs at hand to analyze tire pressures and temperatures and time up to four drivers simultaneously with their split times.

Multifunction digital pressure gauge with timer to measure tire pressure.

HiPreMa 4 Digital tire pressure gauge with infrared sensor and 4 pilot timer

In total, there are eight models and you are sure to find the solution that best suits the way you work on the track.
Find the model that suits you best:
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