Tire Pyrometer Calibration Procedure

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How to carry out the calibration procedure of the Digital Tire Pyrometer

In this video we show the procedure for checking and calibrating the Digital Tire Pyrometer.

The calibration procedure of Digital Pyrometers for tire temperature measurement is carried out using a Thermocouple Calibrator, as all temperature values from 0°C up to 1000°C are checked.

This procedure is repeated both with increasing temperature, i.e., from 0°C to 1000°C, and with decreasing temperature, i.e., from 1000°C down to 0°C. The maximum accepted error is +/- 1°C.

All Prisma Electronics instruments are verified and calibrated. All our customers are assured of having an accurate and reliable instrument.

Learn about our two models of Digital Tire Pyrometer:

1 – Digital pyrometer — Click here for more information –>
2 – Digital Manometer with Pyrometer to measure tire temperature — Click here for more information –>

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