New features for the HiPreMa 4 line of tools.

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We have updated some functions in the tools in the HiPreMa 4 line.

From Firmware version 4-0-0, the sequence of pneumatic pressure storage can be set. You can select both the direction of rotation, Clockwise or Counterclockwise, and the tire from which to start the sequence. Rear Right or Left – Front Right or Left.

In this way, pressure storage can be optimized according to the circuit and vehicle type. For example, in vehicles with front-wheel drive, it is preferable to start with the front tires while in vehicles with rear-wheel drive, it is preferable to start with the rear tires.

Setting the sequence of pressure storage in the Hi.Pre.Ma. instrument line 4

The PRESSURE SHOT function has also been optimized, allowing tire pressures to be stored without having to press any buttons. It is straightforward to memorize hot tire pressures. To activate the function in the instrument menu, set Pressure Shot to ON as shown in the figure.

Pressure Shot function - It is possible to save hot tire pressures automatically

Finally, we have included the ability to adjust the contrast of the instrument display. This way everyone adjusts the visibility of the display to his or her liking.

Adjusting the display contrast in the HiPreMa 4 instrument.

The last menu item displays the firmware version of the instrument. Serial ID 4.0.0

How to view the version of your HiPreMa 4 tool via the menu

The instrument is not automatically upgradeable; for those who have an older version and would like to upgrade their instrument, they should contact us by sending their instrument and version information.

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